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General contractor
General Contractor


If you’ve been looking to transform your project into something extraordinary, but you can’t find the missing ingredient to turn it into reality, Joe Burns Woodworks is the general contractor you need. We offer affordable prices for our extensive construction services. Our professional team will be with you from the moment you start until your project's completion. Our contractors work with your schedule to give you maximum flexibility.

Foundation repairs and home renovations are complicated jobs in the hands of inexperienced individuals. Doing a bad job with these will result in even more work. If you're looking into kitchen or bathroom cabinets, look no further. We are the professional home cabinet maker that you can trust.

We provide solutions like custom wood doors and crown moulding to bring your beautiful dream home to reality. Contact our reputable company for assistance. Our team is exceptionally courteous and professional to esteemed clients.

We help you get the most out of your property, so call us at Joe Burns Woodworks today for excellent general contractor services.

Custom cabinets
Custom Cabinets


The amount of time and care spent on each set of our custom cabinets will make for a better finished product. There is no such thing as too much detail. Renderings will ideally include all information and specifications that are pertinent to the project.

We can design a great custom cabinet for every room in the house. We can create ornamental additions as well; examples of this can be seen in interior trim and crown moulding. Whatever it is you choose, you can rest assured that it will be of high quality.

Contact Joe Burns Woodworks to learn more about our custom cabinets. We are more than happy to help our friends in Banning, CA and nearby cities.



Add some flare to your home with some hand crafted mouldings. Here at Joe Burns Woodworks we specialize in creating the perfect mouldings for you. The right moulding can take any house to the next level. Visit our home improvement shop to see our showroom. You can go through are different mouldings and pick the perfect moulding for your doors, windows and more.

Crown moulding can add a wonderful flourish to any room. These are specifically used when capping walls, and allow for a seamless and elegant transition between the wall and the ceiling. The amount of detail makes them works of art in their own right.

Those who are looking for truly high-quality custom crown moulding will want to contact us. We use freshly harvested lumber from our wood shop. These are also ideal when it comes to other home repairs.

Those who are looking for quality crown moulding can get it by contacting us at Joe Burns Woodworks in Banning, CA.



Our handyman services are dedicated to the goal of creating quality wooden furnishings and decorations for our clients. Wood offers a naturalistic quality that just can’t be surpassed by other materials.

We’re able to create many kinds of custom furniture. Examples of this include lustrous bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets. We can also fashion grand wooden doors, and decorate your rooms with custom crown moulding.

Those who are looking for a skilled handyman in Banning, CA should contact us at Joe Burns Woodworks.



Carpentry can do amazing things for your residence. Small details will change a room in big ways. As professional house remodelers, this is something we have come to learn and appreciate.

For instance, a room can be completely transformed by additions like crown molding and wood doors. These elements can play a pivotal role in how a person perceives the room, and will impact every other piece of furniture. This also means it’s important to make the right choices.

This is why it might be wise to consult with a professional handyman before making any changes. Those who are looking for great carpentry services can find them by contacting us at Joe Burns Woodworks in Banning, CA.

Patio covers
Patio Covers


Our patio covers are a great way to sit outside and enjoy the great climate CA offers. Whether it’s sun, wind, or rain, you won’t have to worry anymore. Stay outside and enjoy the day day under the durable royal shade.

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