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Add some flare to your home with some hand crafted mouldings. Here at Joe Burns Woodworks we specialize in creating the perfect mouldings for you. The right moulding can take any house to the next level. Visit our home improvement shop to see our showroom. You can go through are different mouldings and pick the perfect moulding for your doors, windows and more.

Crown moulding can add a wonderful flourish to any room. These are specifically used when capping walls, and allow for a seamless and elegant transition between the wall and the ceiling. The amount of detail makes them works of art in their own right.

Those who are looking for truly high-quality custom crown moulding will want to contact us. We use freshly harvested lumber from our wood shop. These are also ideal when it comes to other home repairs.

Those who are looking for quality crown moulding can get it by contacting us at Joe Burns Woodworks in Banning, CA.